If you or a loved one are living alone and would like some peace of mind knowing that you have 24/7 assistance at the press of a button, then a medical alarm is what you need. Having a medical alarm means that you always have a way to seek assistance quickly, even if you can’t access your phone. This technology is made available thanks to a discreet pendant that can be worn around your neck or on your wrist.



Pressing the button on the pendant sends a signal to a base unit, which is located somewhere in your home, connected to a standard phone line or a mobile network. The base unit sends a help signal to our 24/7 contact centre where an operator will then try to contact you. This can happen even if you can’t reach your phone with a two-way speaker system in the base unit that lets you speak to the operator directly.

Once we’re in touch, the operator will evaluate the situation and provide the most appropriate care. If the operator is unable to contact you, or if you need urgent medical attention, an ambulance can be called or they can contact family/friend/neighbour to have them attend.

The pendants are robust and fully waterproof in both hot and cold water. Wearing them in the bath or shower is recommended, as this is where most accidents occur.