Somewhere in the world, a fire destroys a home or business every minute of every day. While fire can be our friend in some instances, it can be our worst enemy when it’s uncontrolled and allowed to continue through a building. The rapid detection of a fire and its control can save lives, prevent injuries and millions of dollars in property loss each year.

The field of fire detection has advanced to where smoke detectors and alarm devices have combined to become life-safety systems. The purpose of an automatic fire-alarm system is to detect an occurrence, alert the control panel and proper authorities and notify the occupants to take action.



The fire-detection system consists of a FACP (fire alarm control panel) – this is the system’s brain, and it’s capable of making rapid decisions. Detection devices run the gamut, from smoke detectors and heat detectors to multi-capability detectors. Many of the detectors manufactured today have the ability to inform the FACP exactly where the fire is located. The detection devices detect the presence of smoke or particles of combustion and then alert the FACP about a problem. Once the FACP has been alerted, using intelligent software, it can then determine the course of action, whether that be sounding an alarm, alerting the fire authorities, or both.

It’s important to note that all fire alarm and detection systems require periodic care and maintenance. A properly installed and maintained system saves lives and reduces property damage.

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