TWE Security can provide and install high quality, reliable CCTV (closed-circuit television) systems that help keep your business safe. CCTV is not only for security, but a great tool to have in the commercial sector when you aren’t available to be on location; allowing you to monitor the monitor day’s events or investigate unusual activity when no one should be about. High-resolution identification and recording for a wide range of requirements by experienced installers is exactly what your business needs and is exactly what TWE Security can provide.

TWE Security can not only monitor your system 24/7, but can teach you how to access footage via your smartphone or computer. Footage can be reviewed as far back as the hard drive storage is capable of holding, allowing you to collect recorded footage (from days to months) before any unusual activity is actually noticed.


With home security being more affordable than ever and many DIY installation packages available online, the saying “you get what you pay for” really is closest to the truth. Systems readily available from the internet lack features such as high definition and the ability to record, that’s why the experienced team at TWE Security ready to assist you in designing and installing a system to suit your needs and budget.